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Working paper series

Quaderni-Working Paper DSE

"Quaderni - Working Paper DSE" publishing series was founded in 1983. It gathers the original scientific economic papers written by the members of the Department of Economics - University of Bologna.

The publication aims at giving visibility and an institutional demeanor to  the Department’s preliminary research paper, to disseminate them, and to ensure their proper recall, the right authorship attribution and their long-term preservation. PhD students of the Department, visiting researchers and the scientific partners involved in the research projects of the Department are also entitled to publish in the working papers series.

The publication in the series is not subject to a formal referral process. However, the Editor evaluates the scientific quality of the submitted papers and decides whether to accept the publication or not. If he deems it appropriate, he can make use of anonymous subject matter expert referees. The editor's decision is motivated and final.

In documented cases of plagiarism, the Director of the Department takes measures according to academic Regulations. The Editor is appointed by the Director of the Department for a term of three years and may be reappointed for one additional term not exceeding three years.

The series has been endowed with the ISSN 2282-6483. Working papers are available in electronic format on the main sectorial repositories in order to be disseminated as widely as possible.

The whole series, which is composed of over 1000 publications, is available online and increases at a rate of about 60 titles annually in Alma DL, which is the Digital Library of the University of Bologna.

The series is index-linked in RePEc and the papers are also included in SSRN.

Since February 2018, the Editor of the series is professor Paolo Luciano Adalberto Manasse, his predecessor was professor Luca Lambertini.

To submit the publication of a Working Paper in the "Quaderni - Working Paper DSE" series, please send the pdf to the editor professor Paolo Luciano Adalberto Manasse and in cc to Romina Rastelli. Researcher willing to submit their work should include, before the Introduction section a one page Non - Technical Summary.

The Submission Guidelines was adopted by the Board of the Department on 21st of February, 2018.


AMS Acta - Working Papers series
Quaderni - Working Paper DSE Series, published in AMS Acta, istitutional repository for Bologna University.
RePEc - Quaderni - Working Paper DSE Series
Quaderni - Working Paper DSE Series indexted in RePEc - research Papers IN Economics.



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