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Working paper series

“Quaderni-Working Paper DSE” gather together the writings of the institutional members of the Department related to the economic field.

Before submitting one’s work to national and international scientific journals, Department members have the chance to present results of their research through the department working paper series.

Quaderni-Working Paper DSE publishing series has been founded in 1983. The whole series which overcame 1000 publications is available full text online and it increases with a rate of about 60 titles annually within ALMA DL, the Digital Library of the University of Bologna.

The series does not present any referees, it has been endowed with the ISSN 2282-6483; the publication of contributions thus is thought to give great visibility to the former results of the Department’s research activities, in order to give them an institutional guise, to guarantee they are put into circulation, to ensure their proper recall, their right authorship attribution and their long term preservation.

Director prof. Luca Lambertini


Romina Rastelli

Cat. C - area biblioteche

DSE - Servizi bibliotecari

Strada Maggiore 45

Bologna (BO)

tel: +39 051 20 9 2659

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Director prof. Luca Lambertini