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Research resources for economists

Research resources in the University network are available in different ways and platforms. Information about the access of available databases are detailed below.

Web of Science - Impact Factor

Citation database in character for quantitative measurement of bibliometric literature. The University of Bologna has signed the three sections: Science Citation Index Expanded, Social Sciences Citation Index, Arts & Humanities Citation Index.

CEPR Discussione paper

More than 600 working papers published each year by the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) since 1999 aimed at improving the quality of economic policies in Europe and worldwide. Downloadable from the University network.


Bibliographic database of the American Economic Association provides access to bibliographic information, accompanied by abstract on the international economic literature. It refers to all aspects of the economics, from theory and economic history, in monetary theory and institutions.


Bibliographic database which carries out the Italian journals of the economics, social science and history. Magazines are directly linked to the Italian catalogue of serials (ACNP). Participate counting activity 154 Italian libraries on a voluntary level.


The most extensive database open to the world documents for economists: a network of departmental archives which provides articles and software of interest to economic area and related disciplines.

It contains information about journal articles published by economists, as well as working papers, discussion papers, research reports, papers presented at conferences. Over 70% of the documents are available for free in electronic form. With its IDEAS database, RePEc provides links to over 2 million documents.


Access and download statistics by item and REPEC authors.

NBER Working Papers

The resource provides access to the full text of the working papers of the National Bureau of Economic Research. The search can only be performed on the data that make up the bibliographic reference, or within the full text of the document. The papers are classified by subject area: the class is called '' NBER Program''.


Access to the database of the Social Science Research Network. Also it includes access to Health Economics Network (HEN).


All the resources (journals, databases, teaching materials, etc.) needed to carry out a research in Economics.