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Description and access to economic databases available to the Department of Economis.

The following table contains a selection of databases most frequently consultad in the Library.

For a complete list (over 300) of University databases for all subjects see also:

All Databasese of University

Economic Databases


Contains classified balance sheets of more than 700.000 italian capital companies (530.000 for the last year). IAllowing selection by sector of activity, geographic area, processing of company data, extraction of graphs and tables, construction. [ AIDA database ]

Access: Online - 6 accesses
Coverage: 1995-


Full-text database of the budgets of 5 million corporations in 34 European countries. Allowing selection by sector, geographic area, processing of firm data, extraction of graphs and tables, etc. …[ Amadeus database ]

Access: Online - Campus
Coverage: 1999-

Orbis Bank Focus

Full-text database of financial information and financial statements of private and public banks and financial institutions around the world. Orbis Bank Focus currently contains detailed information on 38,000 banks (28,000 US and 10,000 Non-US). By the end of 2016 coverage will reach 12,700 active Non-US Banks, with 5 years’ history for listed banks and 3 years’ for unlisted. [ Orbis bank focus ]

Access: Online - Campus

Coverage: 1995-present

Access: Online - Campus
Coverage: 1995-


Contains  macroeconomic data from the major international organizations. The main series of available data include equity and debt securities, stock exchange indices, interest rates and foreign exchange, futures, options and warrants, commodity markets, macroeconomic data. Data are updated continuously. They can be downloaded in numerical series of spreadsheet (csv format) or in the form of graphics.

Access: 2
Coverage: 1986-


Bibliographic database of the American Economic Association provides access to bibliographic information, accompanied by an abstract on the international economic literature. It refers to all aspects of the economics, from theory and economic history, in monetary theory and institutions.[ Econlit Database ]

Access: Online - 4 accesses
Coverage: 1969-

IMF Data and Statistics

Portal that collects statistical data, reports, studies and reports on the economies of several countries, organized by the International Monetary Fund, IMF (World Economic Outlook Databases, IMF Financial Data by Country, By Topic etc.) [ IMF Data and Statistics portal ]

Access: Online –Free access for some resources

International Financial Statistics

IFS, the main statistical publication of the IMF, covering a number of international and domestic finance topics. It includes, for most countries, data on exchange rates, balance of payments, international liquidity, money and banking, interest rates, prices, etc. The annual data beginning since 1948, quarterly and monthly data from 1957, and data on the balance of payments since 1970. The IMF collects data from various sources (government departments, national accounts, central bank, private financial institutions, United Nations, Eurostat, and international Labour Organization).

Access: CD-ROM (reference library Office)

Coverage: from June 2004

LexisNexis Academic

Database in the legal environment provides access to 3.5 million documents from about 35,000 sources from more than 10,000 datasets. The information on the legislation and law cases of the United States of America, European countries, and of many Commonwealth countries. [ Lexis Nexis Academic ]

Access: Online - Campus
Coverage: Differenced according to the data base


Database containing financial information on listed companies, banks and insurance companies for a total of 38,000 companies (of which 10,000 US) in 120 countries worldwide. Allowing selections by sector, geographical area, processing of corporate data, graphics extraction and tables. [ Osiris Database ]

Access: Online - Campus
Coverage: 2001-

The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics

Authoritative dictionary of economics in an electronic version. The second edition (2008) of the prestigious dictionary with quarterly updates. It contains 5.8 million entries and more than 1872 items. In addition to the full text of 8 printed books it offers many links to other resources. Also access to the original edition of 1987 entries, the section "Archive".[ New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics ]

Proquest – Historical Newspapers

Database containing the full text of major US newspapers, be they archives queried individually. The content titles are The New York Times (1851-2012), The Christian Science Monitor (1908-2002), The Washington Post (1877-1999), The Wall Street Journal (1889-1998), Los Angeles Times (1881-1992), for a total of over 70 million digitized documents. [ Proquest HN Database ]

Access: Proquest - Online - Campus
Coverage: Differenced on single newspapers

Proquest Dissertation & Thesis

It contains bibliographic records and abstracts (for the theses published after July 1980) doctoral dissertation and master. With very year addition of about 60,000 records. [ Proquest Dissertation & Thesis Database ]

Access: Proquest - Online - Campus
Coverage: 1861-

Il Sole 24 ore - (BDOL)

This resource collects all the articles published in ''Il Sole 24 Ore'' from 1984 including supplements. It allows search by publication date and flipping through the newspaper pages. [ Il Sole 24 Ore Database ]

Access: Online - 20 accesses
Coverage: 1984-

Source OECD

Portal of on-line publiications by OECD. It provides electronic access to all documents at full text (monographies, periodicals and fact data of OECD). It contains statistical indicators for all member states. [ Source OECD Database ]

Access: Online - Campus
Coverage: 1998-


Portal for online searches on social sciences. It is made up of nine sunets specialized in specific disciplinary fields in economics and provides access to over 100,000 abstracts of academic working papers. In order to consult and download the paper, (free) subscription is necessary.  [ SSRN Database ]

Access: Online - Campus
Coverage: undefined

World Development Indicators Online (WDI)

The main and most comprehensive statistical publication of the World Bank, which collects the development indicators (over 700 indicators) for almost all the countries in the world and provides time series data. [ WDI Online Database ]

Access: Online - Campus
Coverage: 1960-


This database contains information and rumors on several types of deals, including all activities related to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and agreements on private equity. Zephyr collects about 80,000 pieces of information per year from all over the world. [ Zephyr Database ]

Access: Online - 5 accesses
Coverage: 2000-