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Catalogs, collections of books, loan services, consultation.

The collection of the Department of Economics Library covers all areas of Economics.

It meets the needs of students, academics, and the international research community with a wide range of library services. It includes an extensive selection of books, journals, and electronic resources in welfare economics, development and economic growth, spending and public finance, international economics, labor economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance, economic history, and econometrics.

The Library was founded in 1938 by the Institute of Economics and Finance "Tullio Martello" and has grown over the years thanks to the merge of several institutes and professorships. In 1983, it has become the current Department of Economics Library.

Catalogues and electronic resources

Books and journals
How to access to books and economic journals subscribed by the University
Electronic Resources
List of economic databases available within the University network.

Library services

About the Library
Opening times, services, and rules of the Library


The Library offers to its users an extensive collection of bibliographic resources that covers all areas of the Economic Science.

Regulation and Directory

Scientific Committee Members of the Library
Committee Members and Directory
Library rules and regulations
Rules for the loan and services provided. Also read the short version in the Library services Section.