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PRIN 2017 - Our Department hits the jackpot!
The projects presented by professors Bigoni, Casari, Denicolò, Masella, and Naghavi, as Principal Investigator, has been rewarded the “Research projects of significant national interest - PRIN 2017” and will be financed with a total of almost 3 million euros by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.
REPEC Top 25% European Economics Departments ranking
Our department is in the REPEC Top 25% European Economics Departments ranking, reaching this year the 20th position!
Tilburg University Economics Ranking
The University of Bologna is among the top 100 universities in the world in the "Tilburg University Top 100 Worldwide Economics Research Schools Ranking" for Economics disciplines, 29th in Europe and 2nd at the national level. According to this ranking, Bologna places as Washington University, just after Dartmouth College and ahead of Tsinghua University, and has recently overcome University of Paris I, Vanderbilt University, California Institute of Technology and Purdue University.
Seminars and other research activities of the Department of Economics
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