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Visiting Professors

The department hosts visiting professors for research and teaching activities.

Every year, as part of the activities dedicated to the internationalization of research, our Department hosts a number of internationally renowned visiting professors from some of the best universities and research centres around the world.


The following professors are currently collaborating:


Kristina Kalasinskaite (University of  Vilnius) is visiting the DSE from 15th to 23rd September 2017. Her research interests are in international trade and FDI.


Office 111 - 1° floor - Piazza Scaravilli 2


Sabine Vögler (GÖG, Austrian Public Health Institute) is visiting the Unibo Institute of Advanced Studies and the DSE from 18th September to the end of October 2017.

Unibo reference Daniele Fabbri

Office 111 - 1° floor - Piazza Scaravilli 2


Sergei Alekseevich Yakubovskii (Head of the Department of World Economy and International Economics at Odessa National University) is visiting the DSE from 27th October to 6th November 2017.


Office 111 - 1° floor - Piazza Scaravilli 2