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About us

An overview of our history, organization and activities.


The Department of Economics was established in 1983 as a consequence of the union between the institute of economics at the faculty of economics and the institute of economics at the faculty of political sciences. It is currently the largest department of economics in Italy and their members actively contribute to research and scientific debate, both nationally and internationally. It is ranked  by the European Economics Association (EEA) as the leading economics department in Italy.

Departement location

The department is located in two different buildings at:
- 45, Strada Maggiore (palazzo Hercolani), at the faculty of political sciences;
- 1-2, piazza Scaravilli, at the faculty of economics (administrative headquarter of the department).


Academic and research staff
The teaching staff consists of approximately a hundred full, associate, and assistant professors. The research staff  consists of twenty research and post-doc fellows, and over thirty PhD students.
The staff carry out teaching in the following faculties: economics (at the campus of Bologna, Forlì and Rimini), law, engineering,  political science (at the campus of Bologna and Forlì, Statistics.

Administrative and technical staff
The current support staff consists of ten administrative employees and three computing technicians.

The department provides a computer laboratory and a wide range of computing tools. The department library has approximately 40,000 books, over 500 subscriptions to scientific journals and periodicals and a considerable collection of working papers. In addition, researchers have access to the whole range of both traditional and online resources provided by the university library system.

Research activities


The presence within the department of a variety of interests and competence allows professors and researchers to work within a multidisciplinary environment.
Our research interests include microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance, economic policy, public economics, international economics, industrial organization, game theory, mathematical economics; econometrics; development economics; growth theory, theory of production and structural change, law and economics, economic analysis of institutions, history of economic thought, economic geography and economic history.

The department’s main activities include:

Department working papers

The working paper series was established in 1983. Currently, it consists of over 800 publications, which are available both online and in several libraries in Italy and abroad.


They are divided in two series and generally take place on Monday and on Wednesday, from October to June. Furthermore, there are other seminars organized either by research groups, within the PhD programmes, or by students within the degree courses.


International conferences frequently take place in a wide range of topics connected with the research fields of the department.

Laurea magistralis in economics

The laurea magistralis (M.Sc) in economics is a postgraduate education programme supporting the PhD in economics. Lectures are entirely held in English. From the academic year 2007/2008 this programme is an inter-faculty degree.


The PhD in economics aims to train scholars to begin careers as economists in academic institutions or in research centres.

  • Graduate school of economics
  • PhD in economics
  • European doctorate in law and economics

The doctoral programme is carried out jointly with the institute of Law and Economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and at the University of Hamburg.